What is TeamFlow™

Effective teams are unstoppable and create amazing results. Teams in Flow bring maximal effort, enjoy themselves immensely, push and trust each other, and reap the rewards of playing at their best both personally and within their organizations.

Extensive research has shown that just putting talented people together and expecting breakthrough results is far from being a guarantee of success. Without consciously creating the conditions for exceptional group dynamics to evolve, existing unhealthy patterns of perception and behaviour tend to dominate, leading to less-than-optimal outcomes; frustrations, missed deadlines, under-delivery, drama…

A good leader will identify and manage the team around such ‘friction’. A better leader will address issues head-on, and manage conflict to keep the team moving forward. An outstanding leader will act to transform the conversation within a team so that results become self-generating.

Members of a team in flow recognize their own limiting patterns in real time, support each other with generosity and compassion as they move through into a larger vision of who they are and what they are capable of. The only limit to such a team is imagination and vision. And being in a team like this is an unforgettable and transformative experience.

We work with teams and their leaders to break-through to exceptional levels of performance through applying and integrating the core principles and practices of TeamFlow™.

The TeamFlow™ approach

TeamFlow™ Coaching programs support organizations at every level in identifying and breaking through their perceived and hidden limitations. The result is the creation of aware, self-sustaining and self-generating teams that consistently deliver exceptional results.

We tailor programs consisting of seminars, one-on-one and outcome-focussed group Coaching to develop the awareness, understanding and tools that outstanding teams use to produce the remarkable.

Contact us to find out more about how we can profoundly impact your bottom line through productivity gains, goal achievement, key personnel retention and the creation of a work environment that inspires and liberates talent.

“We have experienced tremendous growth over the last 5 years to where we now employee 35 full time. We are successful in attracting quality people but there is always the human dynamics that make management of any work force challenging. For over a year we searched for someone to assist us (us meaning management and employees) with our understanding of each other, our communication and how our personal, one on one interaction affects the whole. TeamFlow Coaching have exceeded our expectations. Yes, we have been challenged, yes there will be challenges ahead but there is a renewed sense of purpose, focus and commitment because we now communicate on a different level and quality communication is the key to success. I recommend TeamFlow Coaching, it has been well worth the expense.” 

Colin Eaton, Vice President, Garden City Tree & Landscape Ltd.

Who are TeamFlow™ Coaching?

TeamFlow™ Coaching is an active collaboration between a close group of like-minded, co-focused, playful and powerful Coaches located across Canada and the USA. We deliver our services online and occasionally, where geography and health-restrictions permit, in person.

We believe that to support the creation of high-performance organizational cultures and outstanding leadership, we must continually do our work together to be the most effective team possible for our clients. We operate as a flat structure; a group of peers (leaders of leaders). We allow individual leadership to emerge as the situation requires, without clinging to formal titles. Through this approach we support each other in our continuous practice of excellence, and our clients in theirs.

And therefore – in no particular order, we are:

Dr. Don Goodeve is a Transformational Leadership Coach and an independent Engineering Consultant since 2003. Increasingly focused on the dynamics of teams, effective leadership, and the impact that these have on the ability to deliver, he expanded his training in Ontological Coaching in 2013. He maintains a private Coaching practice as well as Organizational Coaching and Engineering Consulting services for organizations across North America. He is also active in Men’s work with the Mankind Project, and has authored and leads training in the Man on Purpose™ approach to empowered masculinity. He lives in Campbell River, BC, Canada.

Jeannie Chamberlain is passionate about people achieving their best, and is a self-confessed ‘human performance geek‘ and ‘play guru’.  Having worked for many years as a personal  trainer; coaching individuals and groups in fitness, health and wellness, she brings a wealth of perspectives and tools that she applies to how teams operate and excel together. She thrives in challenging ways of thinking and behaving that prevent individuals and organizations from accessing their highest performing ‘flow states‘. She focuses on identifying barriers and inviting individuals, leaders and teams into more supportive and empowering relationship with themselves and their purpose. The goal – outstanding results and fun whilst achieving them! She lives, works and plays in Virginia Beach, VA. USA.

Mark Dziatko is on a mission to inspire by exploring vulnerability and connection. His transition into adult life occurred when he participated in Werner Erhard’s EST Training at the age of 17. Interested in learning, but not in a traditional manner, led Mark to be involved with Anthony Robbins. Rather than going on to college, early adult life was spent working on the road with Robbins. Mark was involved with approximately 50 ‘Firewalk seminars’, as well as 36 various evolutions of Tony’s weekend seminars, and at least a dozen of the nine to fourteen day residential NLP Certification and Life Mastery courses. For several years, Mark has been involved with the international ‘Mankind Project’ organization, and is pursuing a path toward becoming a full certified Leader. He is currently living in Hawaii, USA.

Rosemary Cannon is passionate about cultivating self-knowledge and bringing people to a life-changing experience of their own agency and power. Her work is grounded in deep Compassion and an invitation into an integrated and fulfilling experience in all relationships – with others and with the Self.  From a rich toolset of perspectives and practices, she provides a space for clients to expand into a deeper experience of who they are and what is possible from achieving a state of “flow” throughout their lives.

Rosemary has worked as a Leadership Coach for over fifteen years in the public and private sector, and has volunteered as a team coach with Leadership Victoria (Victoria, BC) for many years. She lives, works and plays in Victoria, BC, Canada.



“I cannot do that, I am not ready.” Either saying to yourself, saying it to or hearing it from another person, this sentence can be a show-stopper, idea killer, inspiration breaker. It neatly divides the world into ‘where I am now’ and ‘where I could be.’ All that sits in the way is ‘Ready’. What …


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