Who are TeamFlow™ Coaching?

The TeamFlow™ Coaching Group is a collaboration, based in Victoria, BC, Canada.

We believe that to support the creation of outstanding teams, we must continually do our work to be the most effective team possible for our clients. We operate as a flat ‘leaderless’ structure; a group of peers. We allow leadership to emerge as it is required and appropriate, without clinging to formal titles. Through this approach we support each other in our excellence, and our clients in theirs.

And therefore – in no particular order, we are:

Dr. Don Goodeve is a Coach and an independent Engineering Consultant since 2003. Increasingly focused on the dynamics of teams, effective leadership, and the impact that these have on the ability to deliver, he retrained in Ontological Coaching in 2013. He maintains a private Coaching practice as well as Enterprise Coaching and Engineering Consulting services for organizations across North America. He is also active in Men’s work with the Mankind Project, and has authored and leads training in his Man on Purpose™ approach to empowered masculinity.

Rob Froher is a highly skilled, experienced and empathic BC-RPA certified trainer. His expertise has been accumulated over many years focussed in his own  fitness, research and growth. In addition to fitness and health Coaching he is increasingly working with clients in achieving success, past their personal challenges and limiting beliefs. Having used nutrition and coaching to conquer depression and anxiety in his own life, and is excited about sharing his victories and insights with others. Through innovation and constant self-improvement work he brings a very high-level of service to his clients.

 Mark Dziatko is on a mission to inspire by exploring vulnerability and connection. His transition into adult life occurred when he participated in Werner Erhard’s EST Training at the age of 17. Interested in learning, but not in a traditional manner, led Mark to be involved with Anthony Robbins. Rather than going on to college, early adult life was spent working on the road with Robbins. Mark was involved with approximately 50 ‘Firewalk seminars’, as well as 36 various evolutions of Tony’s weekend seminars, and at least a dozen of the nine to fourteen day residential NLP Certification and Life Mastery courses. For several years, Mark has been involved with the international ‘Mankind Project’ organization, and is pursuing a path toward becoming a full certified Leader.

Charles Rose sold his third company for 8 figures and realized that the keys to business and life lay in the human elements. He trained as a coach in 2001 and now with almost 20 years behind him, his passion is to support others in becoming self-actualized, clear, effective and fulfilled. Charles has written books for McGraw-Hill and Bantam, numerous articles and white papers and has lectured in the US and UK. He has over 35 years’ experience in technology, entrepreneurship and executive coaching.