Conversations in the Way Workshop

Conversations in the Way of your Business

A Team Performance Workshop

Shaw Conference Room, Fort  Tectoria, 777 Fort Street Victoria BC, 8:30am – 12:30pm, Tuesday December 3rd 2019

A Company is an Idea that has found a way to Survive and make its way in the world. And like anything that lives, it does so in an environment of other ideas and dynamics, other conversations. As everyone within an organization brings their own talents to support this idea, they also bring their own conversations – games that they know how to play and win. Some of them are aligned. Some of them are not. Some of them may be completely blocking the way forward.

And with the best will in the world it is possible to lose sight of the core business idea as the day-to-day dramas of life in the real world unfold.

We believe that amazing businesses and incredible team perfomance is the result of internal alignment. To get to there from here requires clarity about the core Idea of your business, the game you are playing that is inspired by this idea and addressing the conversations that are in the way.

You will leave this workshop with:

  • Actionable insights on how to transform the being of your business.
  • Tools and approaches to use in shifting the conversations in the way of excellence.
  • Awareness of how to work smarter, not harder to fulfill on your goals.
  • Value exceeding the cost of attendance…

In this workshop we open the lid on the conversations that run your business; how to listen for them, how to move beyond those that do not serve you and create ones that do.

Who is this for?   

This workshop is designed for Leaders at any level within an organization, entrepreneurs and all those to who the performance of teams matters. We stand for everyone’s Leadership and hold that everyone is a Leader (whether they identify as one or not…). If you are interested in finding and cultivating your Leadership and ability to create and play an integral part within highly-effective teams, this workshop is for you.

What does it involve?

Come prepared to participate. This is a workshop – meaning that the group experience will be what creates the most value. You will also have a workbook and materials to take away, to cement the concepts and practices that form the core of the workshop experience.

What does it cost?

  • Full price; $249CAD
  • Early Bird – booked/paid on or before November 22nd; $195CAD
  • VIATeC member discount – 20% on these prices (use code VIATeC-20-Special at checkout).


Your workshop fee covers your participation, materials and refreshments (tea, coffee). Payments can be made through the workshop page (see below) and are required to be complete before the workshop, so that we can concentrate on the event itself rather than incomplete admin. Yes, we are looking to partner with you for success from the get-go. The workshop is limited to 20 participants.

What should I bring?

Your curiosity and willingness. We will provide note-taking materials and take-away worksheets. If you wish to bring your own writing materials – please feel free to do so.


To get the most out of the event, please consider ahead of time what it is you want to get from the workshop. Also consider that you will get out of the workshop what you are willing to put in. We invite you to come prepared to share your experience, questions and bring a willingness to participate. Your facilitator(s) will work to ensure that all participants all get what they want from this event.

What this is not

This workshop is not intended to give you a formula to follow or materials that will give you a magic leadership bullet. We believe there is no such thing. Instead we introduce and have you practice with key awareness and concepts that will have you understand what is happening inside teams, how to access your leadership to interrupt what it is predictable so as to co-create what is possible. In other words, we will introduce you to the secret sauce of –Talent. Unleashed.