Teams that Thrive Workshop – 7th March 2019 – Victoria, BC – regular


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Teams that Thrive …and how to create them

Starboard Room, the Dock Co-Working Space

300 – 722 Cormorant Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1P8

9am – 12pm, Thursday March 7th 2019

If you have ever been part of a Team (ie. you are Human), you have perhaps experienced what it is like to be with a group of people that loves what it is doing and enjoys every moment of doing it. It is perhaps more likely that you have been part of a group that, even though it knows what it is doing, somehow manages to create struggle, friction and drama – no matter how talented its members are.

What would it be like to be able to capture the brilliance and creative energy of a team in Flow?  How would this benefit your enterprise, your employees, your peers, yourself?

In this Coaching-based workshop we will investigate this state – of TeamFlow – what it is and how to create it and cultivate it – starting with You!



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