The Crucible

1: A place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development…

2: A severe test…

In the initial weeks of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we came together as a group to fashion our response. We had, individually, been used to working in person with individuals and teams. In-person was no longer an option. We started working with each other to explore what was possible through online interactions across borders, time-zones, focussed on our mission and purpose. We have not discovered the edge.

Through our interaction we realized that not only was it giving us personally the intimate connection we were all craving in this unusual time; it was not giving our ‘stuff’, our stories about who we were and what was possible for us anywhere to hide. Six keen minds willing to take on each other, to tease out what did not serve us individually, collectively and burn it away to leave the essence of who we are and what we are here to do behind. The result is the Crucible.

This is not for everyone.

This is an invitation for you if you are ready to fully engage, be supported like you never have before, and be challenged to release your ideas of who you are, what you think is ‘realistic’ and play to the level of the Leader you are here to be. 

You demand from yourself the best of yourself in service of your mission. You are ready to transform yourself, your organization, and the results you create. For many organizations their survival depends on leaders making this shift. This work has urgency, importance and waiting it out is no longer an option.

In the Crucible, we bring together the expertise and power of our team to work with a group of no more than 6 individuals at a time. We challenge, explore, adapt, change things up. We bring our greatness and collective focus needed in the moment to move you. We work with a group as a single team, as diads or individually as the moment requires. We bring the light and heat to shift you to a new place of power and agency, with velocity. We follow up and hold your feet to the fire of accountability, holding you to your greatness and your word. There is no hiding and no holding back.

Is this what you need for your life, your mission, your purpose? Is Now the time for you? Or are you going to put this work off again?

We are currently recruiting clients for Crucible #2 starting January 4th 2021. This is not for everyone and we do not accept just anyone. We are a demand for you to show up with the intention and the commitment to create unprecedented change. You are ready, the life you intend demands it.

The commitment is $4,000USD for the four-week intensive program starting Monday January 4th.

We are conducting 1:1 interviews during the week of December 14th.

For those who are committed, we are pre-heating Crucible#2 on Monday December 21st at 10:20am Pacific Standard Time. In this opening meeting with our entire team, you get to sample the experience, ask every question you need to, and choose IN or OUT. For those who are IN; buckle up for January 4th 2021. You will be given preparatory exercises and practices. Then enjoy your holidays and prepare for the work.

These times demand the extraordinary. All else belongs to the past.